Last Update: September 2023

If you have a question, concern, need clarification, want to double-check, or wish to run a scenario by the Bluewater Occasional Teacher Local, please contact our local president.

Inclement Weather - What do you do? In the Board's Inclement Weather procedure AP 2807-D it says, "2.1.3 In the event that the board’s transportation services are disrupted, wholly or partially, by inclement weather, but schools/worksites remain open, the expectation that staff attend at work remains in effect." In other words, please do not rely on bus cancellations as the determining factor in deciding whether or not you can safely travel to work.

LTOs and Inclement Weather: You will follow the same procedure as Permanent Teachers. Your Administrator will be collecting by November-ish (or whenever you start your LTO) your phone number and alternate location in the event you are unable to safely arrive at your LTO school location. If you cannot make it to your LTO school, you would let your Administrator know. If you would be able to make it to your alternate location, you would call them and let them know, so that they could call you if they needed you there.

Daily OTs and Cancellations (not just inclement weather days): If the assignment is still in the SmartFind Express system two hours before it begins, it is still on, regardless of whether or not buses are running.