Last Update: September 2023

If you have a question, concern, need clarification, want to double-check, or wish to run a scenario by the Bluewater Occasional Teacher Local, please contact our local president.


Pay Calculation for Daily OT Assignments

Bluewater Pay Stub

Our daily rate of pay is $253.00 (Sept. 1, 2021) which includes vacation (4%) and statutory holiday pay (2.5%).

In our OT Collective Agreement, on page 56 it states:

"Remuneration for the short-term occasional teacher shall be calculated to the nearest tenth (rounded up) based on the instructional day of 300 minutes. No less than .4 shall be paid. It is understood that supervision is in addition to the instructional time.

Paid Amount Instructional Equivalent
.4 120 minutes
.5 150 minutes
.6 180 minutes
.7 210 minutes
.8 240 minutes
.9 270 minutes
1.0 300 minutes

Example: The occasional teacher is employed to instruct for 185 minutes. The paid amount would be equivalent to .7 FTE."

It is important to note we are only paid for instructional time. Here is an example:

Sunshine Community School opens at 8:50 and has a nutrition break from 11:10 to 11:50, a second nutrition break from 1:10 to 1:50 and dismissal at 3:10.

  • If you are booked at this school from 8:50 to 12:00, that is 190 minutes of your time, but you would need to subtract the nutrition break of 40 minutes = 150 minutes. 150 minutes of instructional time / 300 instructional minutes in a day = 0.5 FTE pay. If you ended up having supervision duty over the nutrition break as part of the regular teacher’s schedule or not, it is not included in the 300 instructional minutes per day, and the rate of pay is the same.
  • If you were booked at this school from 8:50 to 12:10, that is 200 minutes of time, minus the 40-minute break = 160 minutes / 300 instructional minutes in a day = 0.53. Our pay is calculated to the nearest tenth (rounded up), so you would get 0.6 FTE pay for this assignment.
  • If you were booked at this school from 1:50 to 3:10, that is 80 minutes of instructional time / 300 instructional minutes in day = 0.26. Since no less than .4 shall be paid, you would get .4 pay for this assignment.

Ten (10) Consecutive Days of Teaching in the Same Assignment = Grid Rate Payment
If you ever pick up an assignment in SmartFind and then find yourself teaching for the same regular classroom teacher for 10 consecutive days, you are entitled to be paid grid0+-rate retroactive to the first day of the assignment. Touch base with your administrator on the 10th day, who needs to complete an electronic form in the EIL system so that you will be paid as an LTO Teacher (CA Clauses 3.03 & 12.01.02).

Make sure you are being Paid Correctly - QECO & Experience Letters
You never know when you will be in an LTO position. Sometimes daily assignments can morph into an LTO. Once you have taught 10 consecutive days as a substitute for the same regular classroom teacher, you will be paid on the Board's grid retroactively to the 1st day of that assignment (CA Clauses 3.03 & 12.01.02). Don't wait for your first LTO assignment, get your QECO rating done ( and previous teaching experience letters submitted to Payroll immediately and ask for confirmation that it is received

QECO Evaluations
If you haven’t already done so, get your QECO rating done and submitted to the Board immediately. Details are found here: QECO’s processing time can take months. Without a QECO rating on file at the Board Office, you will not be paid your proper rate. Note: a rating from OSSTF does not work in the elementary panel.

Without a QECO rating on file at the Board Office, you will not be paid your proper rate. It is the responsibility of the OT to provide the Board with a QECO Rating Statement prior to the first day of employment. If the OT fails to provide the Board with the QECO Rating Statement prior to the first day of employment, the OT will be paid the Short Term Occasional Rate (Daily Rate which is currently $253.00 that includes vacation and statutory holiday pay) until the QECO Rating Statement is provided at which time your pay will be adjusted retroactively to the first day of the first LTO. If this is your second, third, fourth, etc. LTO, it will only be adjusted to the first of the month (CA Clause 12.05).

Previous Statement of Teaching Experience Letters
If you have teaching experience outside of Bluewater, for instance, LTOs and Permanent experience from another Board request from your previous employer a statement of experience letter showing the start and end dates, FTE, and if it was elementary or secondary. Submit this to Payroll asap for experience calculation of your grid step placement. Your years of experience pay will only be adjusted to the first of the month once received (CA Clause 12.06).

LTO Pay Calculation - It is your responsibility to verify it is accurate
To ensure that the Board has your accurate QECO rating, and to ensure that you are paid at the proper rate, please very carefully check the LTO Pay Calculation that is emailed to your O365 account around the time of your first pay cheque. Find on it your Category and ensure it is consistent with your QECO rating. Please also find your Grid Step (experience calculation) and ensure that it appears to be an accurate reflection of all your previous teaching experience in Bluewater (daily assignments) including work in other Boards and in the Secondary panel. If these do not appear to be accurate, please inquire with the person who prepared the LTO Pay Calculation for you, as indicated at the top of the file. If the size of your LTO changes at any point, you should receive a new LTO Pay Calculation. If you do not receive an LTO Pay Calculation by the time your first Pay Cheque has arrived, please email your Local President to inquire about the name of the current Payroll contact. Another way to verify your Grid Placement and QECO rating on file with the Board is to access the Payroll portal and look under the Salary tab on the left side, although this information may not be posted before your LTO position.

Note: We refer to the Permanent Teacher's grid in their Collective Agreement, but their grid includes the 6.5% of 4% Vacation and 2.5% Stat Pay in the numbers listed in the chart while for LTOs, this 6.5% is backed out of the annual salary calculations but added back in for each day you work.

LTOs are paid each day at your FTE. If you are a 0.2 LTO who only works Tuesday, you will be paid 0.2 each day, all week long, including PA Days but not statutory holidays. This means that in weeks where there is a statutory holiday, you will only be paid 0.8 for the week. This equalizes over time due to switch days. At some point, Tuesday will run on a Monday or Friday schedule. You would not attend that week, but you would still receive the 0.2 pay each day of the week.

LTOs are paid two weeks behind and only paid per days worked. Follow the Occasional Teacher Pay Schedule. Permanent Teachers have a different pay schedule. LTOs are not paid over the summer, March, or winter breaks. Budget accordingly!

LTO Pay Calculation