Last Update: September 2023

If you have a question, concern, need clarification, want to double-check, or wish to run a scenario by the Bluewater Occasional Teacher Local, please contact our local president.


How do I remain on the OT Roster while in an LTO?

Each Elementary LTO day counts as 1 assignment towards the minimum number (15) required to remain on the OT Roster each school year.

Why is SmartFind Express still calling me for daily assignments while in an LTO?

“21.04 Occasional teachers are to inform the automated call system of any unavailability time.”

It is your responsibility to mark off the days you cannot work- even while in an LTO - in SmartFind Express. 

What is my grid rate of payment?

Check out this page.

If you have not already done so, you need to get your QECO evaluation and previous teaching experience letters into payroll and verify this information is received and accurate.

How many days do I get for sick leave?

A full-year LTO is entitled to 11 sick days at 100% pay, and 120 sick days at 90% of pay. A part-time LTO is entitled to sick leave on a pro-rated basis.

Example: You’re in a 0.6 LTO for 90 days.  You would be entitled to 11 X 0.6 X 90/194 = 3.06 sick days at 100% salary and 120 X 0.6 X 90/194 = 33.40 days at 90% salary. (194 is the number of teaching days in a school year.)

To see your sick leave entitlement during your LTO, log into the Payroll portal and look under the Absence tab.

Can I use my sick leave for medical appointments?

Your own personal medical appointments can be taken as paid days off, drawing from your sick leave days.

Will I receive health and dental benefits?

Any OT in an LTO of 90 Calendar Days or longer will have the option of enrolling in the ETFO ELHT (Employee Life and Health Trust). If you are eligible, you will receive an email to your Board email address from OTIP (Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan) with details about the plan and how to access/opt into it. Full-time LTOs will be completely covered, while part-time LTOs will have to pay based on the size of the LTO. Example: You’re in a 0.6 LTO. You will be responsible for covering 40% of the ETFO ELHT premiums if you opt into the plan. How much are deductions? Since the implementation of the ELHT in 2017 the administration of the benefit deductions is handled at OTIP. BWDSB does not have rate information, BWDSB simply receives the required amounts to deduct each month as instructed by OTIP. You can contact OTIP directly 1-866-783-6847 or log into your OTIP account for this information.

What should my LTO schedule of prep time and supervision look like?

Your schedule should be the same as the teacher that you are replacing.
A full-time LTO would have a schedule that includes a minimum of 240 minutes of prep and a maximum of 80 minutes of supervision in a 5-day cycle.

Part-time LTOs would have those numbers prorated.

Example: You have a 0.7 LTO.
You would get 240 X 0.7 = 168 minutes of prep, minimum.
You would get 80 X 0.7 = 56 minutes of supervision, maximum.

If you’re taking part of another teacher’s schedule as an LTO but all the prep time or supervision falls with the one teacher, you have a right to request the timetables be altered so that you each have the prep time or supervision to which you are each entitled.

FTE Min Prep Mins

Max Duty Mins

0.1 24 8
0.2 48 16
0.3 72 24
0.4 96 32
0.5 120 40
0.6 144 48
0.7 168 56
0.8 192 64
0.9 216 72
1.0 240 80


What are “Switch Days” and when do I show up to work?

Check out this page.

Check with your Administrator to confirm whether switch days apply to you.

Do I attend PA days while in an LTO?  

Check out this page.

Do I attend staff meetings while in an LTO?

If you are in a full-time LTO, you are expected to attend staff meetings. If you are a part-time LTO, you only have to attend staff meetings if they fall immediately before or after your teaching time. If staff meetings are Wednesday afternoons but you only teach mornings, or you only teach Tuesdays, you are not expected to attend. You may choose to attend, like if you are organizing a school event and need to provide details, but you are not required to be there. You should, however, be sure to catch up on anything missed, like new health and safety protocols or upcoming events discussed.

What do I do if there is inclement weather?

Check out this page.

When do I receive an LTO evaluation?

Please contact the Local OT President to discuss if asked to complete an evaluation. 

Will I attend the New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP)?

The New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) is for new permanent contract teachers. LTO teachers are sometimes included if the budget allows. Being in NTIP as an LTO is less formal, and if you get a permanent contract, you will go through NTIP again but formally as a "new teacher".

If you only teach Tuesdays but an NTIP meeting is on Thursday, you will receive an extra day’s pay at your grid rate to attend, when you sign the appropriate sheet at the meeting.

What needs to be included in an OT Folder Checklist while I am absent?

From your experience as a Daily OT, you'll appreciate the importance of a well-organized OT Folder Checklist for your daily assignment. Below is a Board-generated list of items that should be included in your OT Folder Checklist:

☐ Teacher’s Name
☐ Teacher and classroom schedule including Grade and Subject Assignments
☐ Classroom location(s)
☐ Note that key to lock/unlock classroom is to be signed out at the office
☐ Plans for day(s) including school schedule
☐ Seating Plans (best practice with pictures)
☐ Attendance Procedures (including safe arrival, departure procedure as required)
☐ Supervision Duties
☐ Children with medical problems (including pictures or location of pictures)
☐ Children with behaviour challenges (including pictures, location of pictures, Positive Behaviour Support Plan and/or Strategies for a Successful Day)
☐ Classroom Fire Plan
☐ School Lockdown Plan 
☐ Class Routines
☐ Class Management
☐ Name of staff member (s) who may provide support as required

Who arranges coverage for duty before an assignment while I am absent?  

If you are in an LTO or Part-Time Permanent position and will be absent which includes a duty before the assignment begins, it is the Administrator's responsibility to ensure coverage while you are away for the Daily OT (CA Clause 13.03).

What are my expectations with completing report cards?

Report card expectations will vary depending on the nature of your LTO. If you are concerned that you are being asked to do an inappropriate amount of report card work, please contact your Local President. The person responsible for writing report cards is the person in the job at the time of the report card writing PA Day. It is understood that at the end of an LTO, responsibility for the report cards also comes to an end, and a tidy collection of notes and marks will be left for the incoming teacher to assist that person with completing those tasks on the PA Day. If your LTO starts at report card writing time you are expected to write the report cards, based on data left by the absent teacher.

What LTO specific collective agreement entitlements do I have?

Reporting Day

12.08.01 In the case of a member on a long-term assignment of one full year, the member will be granted one (1) day of preparation time. Members on LTOs that are less than a year in duration will be granted one full day of prep time prorated to the proportion of the year taught. The timing of the days of preparation time shall be at the discretion of the Member limited only by the availability of occasional teachers. These days shall be used for assessment, reporting and curriculum planning and staff development.

Notification of Early Termination of LTO

12.09 In the event that the assignment of the Long-Term Occasional Teacher is to be terminated prior to the originally scheduled termination date, the Long-Term Occasional Teacher will be given five (5) teaching days’ notice. A gradual return to work for the absent teacher will satisfy the termination notice.


Compassion Leaves:
14.02.01 An occasional teacher, working on a long-term work assignment, excused by the Principal to make arrangements for and/or attend the funeral of a member of the immediate family (parent, sibling, child, spouse, immediate in-laws), will be compensated for the time lost from the work assignment up to a maximum of three (3) days for each such occurrence.

For this purpose:
a) "parent" shall include a person who is in the position of a parent to the Member;
b) "child" shall include a person to whom the Member stands in the position of a parent:
c) "spouse" shall include a common-law or same sex partner with whom the Member resides.

14.02.02 An occasional teacher, working on a long term work assignment, excused by the Principal to attend the funeral of a grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, nephew, or niece will be compensated for the time lost from the work assignment of one (1) day for each such occurrence.

14.02.03 An additional leave of absence with or without pay may be granted by the Superintendent of Education with Responsibility for Human Resources or designate.

Pregnancy/Parental/Adoption Leaves: A minimum 4 weeks’ notice should be given where possible. 

Check out this page.


14.04.01A Long Term Occasional Teacher who is scheduled to work and who has received prior approval by the Superintendent of Education with Responsibility for Human Resources, may be absent from work for one (1) day, without loss of pay, if any, for the purpose of attending the Graduation Ceremony of the occasional teacher.

Jury Duty/Subpoena/Witness:

14.04.02 A Long Term Occasional Teacher who is scheduled to work and who is absent from work by reason of a summons to serve as a juror, or a subpoena, as a witness in any proceeding to which the occasional teacher is not a party, shall be paid the difference between the normal earnings and the payment received as a juror or as a witness.

Unpaid Leave:

14.04.05 Subject to adequate notice to the Executive Officer Human Resources Services or designate and the arrangement of coverage, a Long-Term Occasional Teacher shall be granted unpaid leave days to a maximum of five (5) per year. The timing of such days will avoid extending existing vacation periods.

Note: LTOs do not have “at-cost” days like permanent teachers. 

When do I report a Safe Schools/Workplace Violence incident?

ETFO members are required to report a violent incident, whether the physical force is actual, attempted or threatened by a student, an employee, or an outsider to the Board. In these situations, verbally report to your Administrator at the earliest and safest opportunity and then submit a report that can be accessed through the BWDSB Staff Portal.  

Once an employee submits a report, the Administrator will receive an email to complete their section of the report. Once the Administrator submits the report, the employee and the Local will receive an email notification that the form is complete.

If you become injured or ill due to workplace violence, complete and submit form AF 7850 Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) Injury/Disease & Investigation and don’t forget to get medical attention if it’s needed.

When do I complete my Annual Offence Declaration?

Every employee of the BWDSB must complete an annual offence declaration. This is a legislated requirement that the Board must follow. The offence declaration can be found in the employee portal where you find your pay stubs. The offence declaration will be available May 1. If it is not completed, you will not be able to work for the BWDSB after September 1. If it is not completed by October 1, you will no longer be an employee of the BWDSB.

Will the Board deduct my Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) Annual Membership Fee in December?

Your annual membership fee is due January 1st of each year. The College must receive payment before April 15 to maintain your good standing status. If you are in an LTO check your pay stub to confirm a deduction of your OCT fee in January. If it is deducted, you do not have to send payment directly to the college.

Can I apply to other positions while in an LTO?

Check out this page.

Can I receive the Eligible Educator School Supply Tax Credit?

The Board’s Form AF 4210 (found in SharePoint in “Forms, Templates and Reference Documents”) can be used to document purchases of school supplies during an LTO. This is a credit of 15% on up to 1000$ for the purchase of certain supplies, and if your taxes are audited, this is the form that would verify your claim. It does require an Administrator's signature to be verified. For details on the program including eligible expenses, please see this Canada Revenue Agency page.

Can I use copyrighted material in my lessons?

Thinking of using copyright-protected work in your classroom? First, you must determine if you need permission from the copyright owner. The Fair Dealing Decision Tool helps teachers decide, with just a few clicks, whether fair dealing permits classroom use of short excerpts from print materials, artistic works, or audiovisual materials without needing to obtain copyright permission. It takes 30 seconds on to have your answer.