Last Update: October 2022

Your Timetable is the Same as the Teacher you are Replacing while in a Daily OT Assignment

When you pick up a daily teaching assignment, your day should have the same prep schedule and supervision time as the teacher you are replacing (CA Clause 13.02). However, an exception to this rule is a Daily OT shall not be expected to do supervisory duties before their teaching assignment begins on the first day of the assignment (CA Clause 13.03). The reason being is that it gives you time to prepare for your day! We are required under the Education Act to arrive at our assignment 15 minutes before the commencement of class, and 5 minutes before an afternoon assignment. If you pick up a multiple day assignment, and the regular teacher has morning duty on the subsequent days as outlined in their daily plans, you are expected to cover these duties. The reasoning is you would have had advanced notice for the 2nd, 3rd, etc. days to prepare. Lunch or recess at nutrition breaks and end-of-day bus duty is always part of our deal if they are part of the regular teacher's schedule and should be reflected in your SmartFind Express start/end times and text instructions, along with the grade(s) you will be teaching and any special information including communicable diseases (CA Clause 21.01). If you arrive at an assignment and morning duty is included, try your best to contact the Administrator. Let the Local President know the outcome.

Arranging Coverage for Duty before an Assignment while Absent in your LTO/Permanent Position

If you are in an LTO or Part-Time Permanent position and will be absent that includes a duty before the assignment begins, it is the Administrator's responsibility for ensuring coverage while you are away for the Daily OT. When you need to book an OT, it is a good idea to remind that duty coverage is needed – some of the absence booking forms created at schools will ask directly. Other forms do not, as administrators will refer to a supervision schedule, but it never hurts to note this somewhere on the form to give a heads up that coverage is required for your fellow colleague (CA Clause 13.03).


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