Last Update: August 2023


2023-2024 BWDSB Switch Day Calendar

* PA Day changes: *


Switch Days while in an LTO.  

Note: All our neighbouring school boards use the 5-day cycle system, BWDSB uses “Switch Days”.

LTOs are paid each day at your FTE. If you are a 0.2 LTO who only works Tuesday, you will be paid 0.2 each day, all week long, including PA Days but not statutory holidays. This means that weeks where there is a statutory holiday, you will only be paid 0.8 for the week. This equalizes over time due to switch days. At some point, Tuesday will run on a Monday or Friday schedule. You would not attend that week, but you would still receive the 0.2 pay each day of the week.

In an LTO, you must be aware of switch days to show up to school on the correct days! And to follow the correct supervision schedule, timetable of prep times and leave the correct day plans in your absence.

An exception to the rule: if your LTO is covering a part-time medical leave for a contract teacher, you do not follow switch days. If the teacher you are replacing has an accommodation stating that the teacher needs Fridays off for a 3-day break, then you always work Fridays, period. This may mean some adjustment to the classes you see, especially if you’re in a preparation time generating LTO. Switch days do not apply to LTOs caused by medical leaves. Please watch your pay closely. Since you are not following switch days, your payment is not equalized over time and it may need some adjustment at the end.

Check with your Administrator to confirm whether or not switch days apply to you.

Professional Activity Days while in an LTO assignment. 

1.0 LTOs attend all PA Days. Part-time LTOs can combine their required PA Days to attend fewer days for longer periods of time. For part-time LTOs, you take the size of your LTO and multiply it by the number of PA Days in your LTO to determine how many PA Days you are required to attend.

Here is an example calculation: If you’re in a 0.4 LTO from September to the end of December it includes 3 PA Days. 0.4 LTO X 3 PA Days = 1.2 of PA days that you are expected to attend. You could attend one 1.0 PA day and 0.2 another PA day? You could attend .6 one PA day and .6 another PA day? Or some combination that is the most beneficial to you.

It is recommended you prioritize the parent interviews and report card writing PA days if these fall during your assignment since you are required to meet these obligations.

You need to touch base with your Administrator and let them know which PA days you intend to attend based on which ones will be of the greatest benefit to you.

PA Days in a Daily OT Assignment.

Our Collective Agreement permits Daily OTs to access Board professional learning on a voluntary basis without pay if there is space permitting (CA Clause 18.02).