Last Update: September 2023

AGM Members

At the Local AGM, we elect the Local Executive and ETFO Annual Meeting alternates, approve the budget, amend the Constitution, receive reports from the officers, and announce the latest Collective Bargaining updates.

Each school year, our AGM will take place between April 1st and May 31st. Details will be emailed to you at least 90 days in advance of the meeting, so please ensure that your home email address is on file with our Local President.

Our Local Constitution and Bylaws contain the fundamental principles by which the Bluewater Occasional Teachers’ Local is governed, as determined by the Bluewater Occasional Teachers' Annual General Meeting. 

Dependent Care Funding is available for any member of the Local to be able to access any event hosted by the Local, including General Meetings and Professional Learning Opportunities.

Annual Reports of the Officers and Committees of the Local are received at the AGM.